It’s a New Year, Now What?

Recently, I read an AARP article online titled “A Year of Wise Money Moves." It encouraged me to think not only about financial housekeeping during the year, but things that will help me better organize my life. I want to set goals that can be accomplished, not make resolutions I know I may not keep.

My first thought for the year is charitable giving. I give to my local church and to several charities, but I’m wondering whether I should give to the same charities that I have in the past. It’s good to review your charitable giving annually. If this is one of your goals, Money Magazine has the great article “How to Get the Most Bang for Your Charitable Giving Buck.”

I am a bibliophile who is a librarian and there are so many books I want to read. This year, I’m going to make a list and try to read at least ten books on the list. If you want to try something like this, take a look at BPL’s Library Resource page to find recommended books for reading and best-seller lists. Remember, you can join our Best Sellers Club and read new books by popular authors.

I don’t know about you, but the beginning of the New Year makes me think about sprucing up my home. I found a great website by Good Housekeeping that tells how to clean different surfaces. If you’re interested, take a look at the article“Do-It-All Cleaning Guide.” If you're also trying to lose weight and clean/organize your home, check out the book Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight by Peter Walsh.

And finally, learn to relax and have fun. A good way to do this is to find a hobby or start a collection. If this sounds like fun to you, take a look at these books on collections and hobbies. I hope this has given you some “goals” for the New Year.

Maya Jones
West End Branch Library