Talk is Priceless, Not Cheap, at Wylam Book Club

by Selina Johnson, Branch Manager, Wylam Branch Library

Everyone interprets the books that they read differently, and with that comes the beauty of being a part of a book club. Book club members get lost in the characters and the story that is being told, but they may not see the characters and the story in the same way. The sharing of those varied perspectives makes for a solid and interesting group. This is why the Wylam Book Club is a staple program at the Wylam Library.

If you visit the Wylam Library on the third Wednesday of any given month at 11:00 a.m., you will find an engaged and boisterous group of book club members who are making their opinions known about the latest read of the month. Our book club is a real community. The members have formed a bond and are now a group of friends.

Book club members are offered a variety of reading experiences, from suspense to romance to the downright strange. The members have thoroughly enjoyed the books that have been selected for the meetings thus far. They discover new authors, partake of refreshments, and enjoy time at the library.

Some may say talk is cheap, but I can attest that book club talk is priceless.