The Ensley Reading Gems

by Alisha Johnson, Branch Manager, Enlsey Branch Library

In August of 2016 the Ensley Branch Library came up with the idea of having an adult book club and the response has been great! Our name, the Ensley Reading Gems, was determined by the staff members and is facilitated by a staff member as well. Initially, the book club started out with a 12-month list of books to read and a number of questions to answer, but the meeting has quickly morphed into something a little bit different but just as enjoyable.

The members of the book club meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. and most times enjoy light refreshments during the discussion. Since the club has matured, the members choose the books that they would like to read and they feel free to bring in their own refreshments. We have a hearty discussion on questions from the books and many times the conversation matures into real-world issues and the like. We have a great time in this book club and encourage others to join in on the fun!

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