Playaway Launchpads—A Success

by Karnecia Williams, Inglenook Branch Library

The Playaway Launchpads have become very popular resources at Inglenook K8 School, particularly among special education teachers. Inglenook K8 School special education teachers have found that the Playaway Launchpads that specifically focus on core subjects such as reading and math have been most useful for a plethora of reasons. One reason favored by most teachers is having more availability to provide individual attention to students, while students using the Playaway Launchpads are provided with the reinforcement and reiteration of learning. Launchpads also introduce or reiterate a level of technology that is fun, engaging, and highly achievable providing students with a great sense of accomplishment. Teachers have even reported the satisfaction that students experience when they have completed a task or have won a game on the Playaway Launchpads. Moreover, teachers benefit greatly from the Playaway Launchpads and continue to express appreciation for how their instructional practices have improved overall.

Though teachers at Inglenook K8 School found them extremely valuable, there are 39 Playaway Launchpads in the Birmingham Public Library system that are available to all patrons from different ages and educational levels; some are even considered to be exclusively for leisure. Check the JCLC catalog for a list of Playaway Launchpads available throughout the Birmingham Public system and check one out!