Thursday, February 14, 2019

Board Games @ BPL

by Vincent Solfronk, Eastwood Branch Library

Starting in November 2018, the Eastwood Branch Library has been collecting and circulating board games at its location. Libraries throughout the world collect and check out materials other than books, and board games are a logical addition. Why board games? Board games promote literacy and community. Children and adults are looking for greater connection to their families and community and board games offer an excellent way to connect face-to-face. Board games are fun, entertaining, and educational.

The board game collection at Eastwood Library is founded on several “gateway” games. These are games that help introduce non-gamers to popular and exciting board games. Games like Ticket To Ride, which is about train travel, is entertaining and helps introduce United States geography to players. Terraforming Mars has the players try to turn Mars into a habitable planet and introduces science and economic concepts. Some games are just fun, such as King of Tokyo, which is a dice game about mega-monsters fighting each other in Tokyo.

The board games at Eastwood Library can be checked out for one week at a time with an adult library card. Currently the games are for middle school to adults, although the collection will be expanding with children’s games.

Come to the Eastwood Library and check out our games!

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