Make fairy doors with the Avondale Public Library this September

How many books do you recognize in the fairy reading room?

Magic is moving into the Magic City at the Avondale Library. Our staff reported spotting fairies. Sort of.

While there are no major sightings of fairies yet, you can find fairy doors at the Avondale Library. You can even make your own to take some of the magic with you.

Each month their adult programming team creates a simple craft project that can be completed at the library or at home.

For the month of September, Avondale Library is offering DIY fairy door kits.

Here is what Ellen Shade, Librarian II at Avondale Library, had to say about their impressive new fairy reading room,

Fairy gardens are nice, but Avondale Library’s fairies prefer their new fairy reading room, complete with a variety of reading material. Our library fairies are also quite sociable. Drop by for a closer look, and—while supplies last—pick up a DIY fairy door kit to bring the magic home. 

Avondale Library’s Adult Programming Team developed a variety of fairy garden themed crafts when they planned last year's summer reading program.

Like any of the Birmingham Public Library (BPL) staff would do, they worked hard crafting miniature books so the library fairies have plenty of reading material.  

On the pandemic’s impact on programming, Ellen shared, 

Due to the pandemic, we had to pivot to virtual and grab & go programming...many of the programs we had planned had to be postponed or reworked. Our fairy reading room grew out of that experience, as did the fairy door craft kit offered this week and the Faerie Beach we featured during the summer.

While searching the Avondale Library for fairies, grab a fairy door kit to go home with you (and maybe a few books, too).

Share your fairy photos with the BPL by emailing them to the PR Director Roy L. Williams at
Look for more fairy-themed and miniature book crafts throughout this year at the Avondale Library.

For more information, check out their Facebook Page and BPL calendar.