Titusville Library Art & Creative Writing Club Debuts October 21


By Reba Williams|Titusville Library Branch Manager 

What: Titusville Branch Library Art & Creative Writing Club
When: Weekly on Thursdays from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. beginning October 21
Where: Titusville Branch Library, #2 6th Avenue SW
Details: Desert Island Supply Co. is partnering with Titusville Library to offer creative writing ideas and tips every month for middle and high school students who have a passion for artistic expression. Advanced registration is required. To register, email your contact info to titusvillelibrary@gmail.com or call Branch Manager Reba Williams at (205) 322-1140.

Birmingham, Ala. - Looking for ways to organize your thoughts on paper? Are you between the ages 14-18? Titusville Branch Library has the perfect solution! 

Join Titusville Library’s Art & Creative Writing Club every Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., starting October 21, 2021, for creative writing ideas and tips. The Desert Island Supply Co. (DISCO) is providing their expertise and collaborating with Titusville Branch to assist area middle and high school students.

 Find out more about this exciting new club at our debut meeting on October 21. Come hang out with fellow students who enjoy artistic expression. The Titusville Art and Creative Writing Club will help participants explore ways to express their ideas/thoughts by creating comic books, poetry, story writing, essays, and more. Take advantage of opportunities to meet and learn from professionals.

 Club members will receive will receive a journal for developing their art and writing skills. In addition, they will collaborate to publish an anthology of their work from 2021 and create pop-up events to showcase their works in the community.

 The workshops are free for middle and high school students in metro Birmingham, but advanced registration is required. Register for Titusville Art and Creative Club by emailing your contact info to Titusvillelibrary@gmail.com or calling Titusville Library Branch Manager Reba Williams at (205) 322-1140.