If You Like It, Buy It!

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Want to own some of the eBook and audiobook titles you borrowed from Overdrive? Overdrive makes shopping for these items easy with LibraryBIN's Buy It Now feature. LibraryBIN is a new service from the Jefferson County Library Cooperative (JCLC) and Overdrive that lets you purchase downloadable eBooks and audiobooks and support JCLC with one click. Browse by title, subject, price, or featured collections. Popular titles are selling for up to 25% off, and some titles are offered for free. At checkout select Jefferson County Library Cooperative for them to receive funds from your purchase.

Visit Overdrive's Device Resource Center for a list of compatible eBook and audio devices.


Charles said…
Great concept, hopefully it'll raise some much need revenue for BPL!
Tressa Fancher said…
Hi, Charles. I agree. Some convenient shopping, and some funds for BPL. It's a win/win situation.