Dig into Reading: Summer Fun Has Only Just Begun

Tot Time Table

Monday's Tot Time at the Avondale Regional Library was all about animals that burrow.

Ouch! by Ragnhild Scamell

The feature story was Ouch!, by Ragnhild Scamell.  Ouch! is a wonderful story reminding us that when we are in trouble, there are always those around who will help.  The props are made of foam core purchased from the Dollar Tree.  Hedgehog's quill's are made of toothpicks.

peek-a-boo bag

This is my peek-a-boo bag. For this year's theme of Dig into Reading, I glued felt onto my bag to create "burrows." We tried to guess which burrowing mammals were hiding in the hole and shared amazing facts about each one. It looked like there was a worm peeking out of the side of the bag, but it was really a mouse! Mouse has a tail as long as his body! Bunny's ears were peeking out, and he was nibbling a carrot to wear down his front teeth. Did you know they never stop growing? I poked my head into the bag, and PEE YEW! It was a skunk's hole, and I scared the stink right out of him! Last, I reached in and OUCH! Was it a pin cushion? No, it was a hedgehog! Which led us into the story, Ouch!
We had lots of fun burrowing through the tunnel while listening to songs about groundhogs, rabbits, mice, and other such critters.

Hope you'll be able to join us next Monday morning at 10:30 at the Avondale Regional Library for another fun filled adventure!  Call 226-4003 to register!  Tot Time is for children ages 2-4 with a caregiver.

Submitted by Eve Parker