Staff Pick: Decadence

Eric Jerome Dickey

Fans of Eric Jerome Dickey’s book Pleasure and its main character Nia Bijou, it’s time to rejoice! Dickey revisits Pleasure's main character and her world in his newest offer, Decadence. Four years have gone by and Nia has found enormous success with a film screenplay that she’s written that’s been adapted into a movie. Nia has also been successfully admitted to Decadence, an exclusive pleasure palace. While enjoying a time of unprecedented freedom and exploration, Nia can’t help but also be consumed with Prada, a businessman that she’s gotten to know personally; Bret, her workout partner; and her first love, Chris, who still holds a special place in Nia, despite the betrayal and heartbreak that he’s caused. Come along for the ride as we find out just how far Nia is willing to go to fulfill her every desire.

Fans of Eric Jerome Dickey will be delighted with his latest literary offering, especially since he chooses to revisit a much loved character. Dickey manages to grab you before you finish the first page and hold your attention throughout the whole roller coaster ride that is Decadence. Fans of erotic novels, particularly those involving African-American characters, will be thoroughly entertained by all the decadence that this novel has to offer.

Submitted by Pamela Jessie
Woodlawn Library