Friday, June 28, 2013

Staff Pick: The Two-Minute Drill to Manhood

The Two-Minute Drill to Manhood
John Croyle

John Croyle, for those of you who don’t know him, was an All-American defensive end at the University of Alabama during head coach Paul "Bear" Bryants' tenure. He has since spent his time as founder of the Big Oak Ranch, a home for over 1800 abused and neglected children, as well as parenting his own two kids. Based on his experience, he has produced a guidebook for parents who are raising sons. He uses a simple formula to make his point:

M - Master
A – Ask and Listen
N – Never Compromise
H – Handle Your Business
O – One Purpose
O – One Body
D – Don’t Ever, Ever, Ever, Give Up

One of the stories which struck a nerve with me involved a car trip with Brody. Brody asked if they were to obey the law. Of course, John said yes. Brody then pointed out the Speed Detector on the dashboard and inquired as to its purpose. He correctly assumed that it was used to evade driving the speed limit. This gave John pause, as it would most of us. He realized that what we do resonates more to a child, than what we say. It is a handbook that every dad should purchase and keep handy.

Submitted by Lorraine Walker
Five Points West Library

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