It's a Pirate's Life for Me, Yo Ho!

ARRGGHH!  Peter Pirate's Parrot Polly lost the letters spelling her name when she molted.
But don't worry.  The children played I Spy With My Pirate Eye and found color coded feathers hidden around the room.  By mastering the tasks written on the back of each feather, they earned her letters back, and became master pirates!

The Crocodile Pit
Captain Hook lost his hand to one of these crocodiles, so these
young pirates must be careful not to meet the same fate. 
Balance and courage are what's needed here, mate!

Cannon Ball Toss
Pirates are the terror of the seas, so blue. 
With three cannon balls, can you sink a pirate ship or two? 
The children tossed cannon balls at the pirate ships. Not only
did they sink the ships, they filled the pool with cannon balls!
Walking the Plank
After the pool was filled with balls, the children walked the plank and
 jumped in!  Thank goodness we have some good swimmers!

After completing all five tasks to earn back the letters P O L L Y,
the children found treasure and made hats.  Some of the braver crew
even posed for pictures!

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