BPL Staff Supports Community As Part of Training Day

Staff Modeling Up-Cycled Scarves and Bags

Last week the staff of the Birmingham Public Library gathered together for the annual day of training. Every year on this day, the staff supports the community by collecting Christmas toys for Mayor's Office-Division of Youth Services and canned food for the local food banks.

This year a new opportunity to support the Birmingham community was initiated by the library's United Way coordinator, Stephanie George. Stephanie, who has a passion for crafting and recycling, asked staff to help her with her United Way fundraiser by donating old T-shirts. She took the used T-shirts and up-cycled them by creating beautiful scarves and bags. The scarves and bags were sold for five dollars each during the day and $475 was raised. The fund raiser not only made use of recycled materials, but was also a fun and creative way to support a most worthy cause. The BPL staff look forward to seeing what new fundraising project Stephanie creates next year.

Stephanie George