The Benefits of Senior Activities at the Library

The library is one of few places that our seniors can go to enjoy educational and fun-filled activities. Research shows both the acts of creative expression and social interaction are vital to the mental and physical well-being of senior citizens. Being able to express oneself can actually improve health, both mentally and physically.

Creative activities planned for our senior bring many rewarding benefits:

  • Reinforce essential connections between brain cells, including those connected to memory. 
  • Creativity strengthens morale. It alters the way we respond to problems and helps to keep a fresh perspective which makes us emotionally resilient.
  • Creative activities challenge the brain and can relieve sleep and mood disorders.
  • Reading, writing, and word games increase one’s working vocabulary and help to fend off forgetfulness.
  • Creativity promotes a positive outlook and sense of well-being which boosts the immune system and fights disease.
  • Having an active, creative life makes it easier to face adversity, including the loss of a spouse.

As people age they experience loss, they stop working, kids leave home, and often times they lose a spouse. Our programs bring people together to learn and share new things. We tend to help change the way people think about aging. The negative view is often turned positive as the room is once again filled with laughter and fun. We present opportunities to engage, encourage, and entertain.

Loretta Bitten
Powderly Library