Catalog Features

You may have used the library catalog hundreds of times, but have you ever explored the features listed in the yellow box on the side?  These include a number of specialized searches as well as quick links to other resources you may find helpful.  Here is a brief description of three of these features that are definitely worth checking out. 

Featured Item Lists – Several libraries and departments use these lists to keep you up-to-date on what’s new in the collection.  For instance, the Fiction Department provides a list of new books, DVDs, and audiobooks that have been received during the previous month (or couple of months).  It’s a great way to learn about new titles at the library.

Category Searches – People often ask if we have a list of all the audiobooks or DVDs in the library's collection.  You can search the catalog, of course, for specific titles, authors, actors, etc., but using this feature allows you to browse the entire collection.  These categories (e.g. DVDs, Books on CD, Music CDs) include materials at all Jefferson County libraries, but the search can be limited by location.  Click on the Modify Search button, then choose a location from the drop-down menu.

Journal Title – If you are curious to know if a particular magazine is available at the library, you can use the Journal Title search.  Why not just type the title in using a regular title search?  Here’s a good example.  If you type in “time” as a title search, it returns 1581 results.  Time Magazine is actually one of the results you receive, but why wade through all those entries to find it.  Using Journal Title, a search for “time” returns 7 results which are only magazines or journals that begin with the word "time."