Every Hero Has A Story

Chrishaun Brown, student at Inglenook K8 School

Chrishaun Brown, a young man who attends Inglenook K8 School and frequents the Inglenook Branch Library, came to my office one day after school asking to speak to me. I obliged and welcomed him with open arms. Excitedly, he began telling me about an issue that infuriated his brother. He said that he first listened to his brother and then spoke to him, calming him down and helping him see the logic in the decision that he was about to make to satisfy his fury. At the end, Chrishaun said, “I thought about what ya’ll have been saying all summer, ‘Every Hero Has a Story.’” I was blown away! This young man not only felt confident enough to share his story, but also had the courage and the intellect to apply the summer reading theme and all the lessons that he’d learned from the activities and programs centered on it to helping his brother manage and properly deal with his anger. He also demonstrated how a hero, even from a modest act, can emerge and impact larger events, actions, and outcomes.

This interaction reminded me of how I, we, the public library as a whole are making a difference in lives. Chrishaun Brown, an aspiring artist, is definitely a hero in my book and a great example of how impactful public libraries are and will continue to be.

Karnecia Williams
Inglenook Branch Library