Book Review: Chess for Dummies

Chess for Dummies
James Eade

Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of chess? With elements of art, science, arithmetic, and sport, chess is not merely a game to me, but rather an intellectual matching of the minds between two individuals trying to reach the inevitable goal of checkmate! I’ve been playing chess for years, and the more I play, the more I am fascinated by this intriguing game. Whether you’re a beginner trying to learn the ropes, or an experienced player trying to improve your game, Chess for Dummies is a wonderful book.

Chess for Dummies covers a brief history of chess, the basic rules of the game, and how to best play the game. With clear and easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations, anyone can pick up this book and be ready to play a legitimate game of chess within a couple of hours. For anyone interested in learning how to play or improve on his/her chess game without all of the in-depth theory, dogma, and rhetoric that other chess books offer, this book is for you.

“Check” it out at any one of the Public Libraries in Jefferson County locations where it's available and you’ll be saying “checkmate” to all your unlucky opponents.

Note: The West End Branch Library offers classes on chess for children throughout the year. There are classes scheduled for every Thursday in June.

Andrei Jones
Five Points West Regional Branch Library


naja naji said…
What is the age range? children only? or also open to adults?
naja naji said…
What is the age range for the chess class? children only? open to adults?
Chess level- Beg Int Adv ?

Tressa Fancher said…
Hi, naja naji. The class is a basic one for beginners and the age range is 11-14. If you would like more information, please e-mail or call the West End Branch Library at 226-4089.