Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Book Review: Our House

by Jenn-Seiler Patrick, Five Points West Regional Branch Library

Our House
Louise Candlish

Our House by Louise Candlish has almost everything that I like in a mystery—interesting, complex characters, multiple points of view, an unfurling plot that makes it clear you still haven’t gotten all the details, and a fascinating storytelling device. The story begins at the end, when Fiona (Fi) arrives home unexpectedly and finds all her belongings gone, and a moving truck unloading a new family’s possessions into her beloved and very posh home. Fi is a woman in love with her house, but less so with her husband, once she caught him cheating (again). Now he is missing and Fi is homeless, without a clue as to how this could have happened.

While the premise and all the twists and reveals that the author takes us through make sense, unfortunately for me, the narrative was too drawn out. I cared less and less about each new twist, until the very final one which, I admit, was still heartrending. While the ending doesn’t make it worth the slow middle of the book for me, it definitely lifted my final rating a little higher.

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