Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Root: A Board Game of Cute Woodland Creatures...and Murder!

by Vincent Solfronk, Eastwood Branch Library

The board game Root, designed by Cole Wehrle and produced by Leder Games, is an asymmetrical game where players control certain animal factions who try to dominate a woodland area. Reminiscent of Brian Jacques’ Redwall series of fantasy books, players can play the Marquis de Cats, a cat faction that currently rule the woods, or the Eyrie Dynasties, birds who used to be the rulers but who now plot to re-establish their kingdom. Then there is the Woodland Alliance, a group of bunnies, foxes and mice who want to infiltrate and take over. Last there is the Vagabond, a wandering adventurer who creates alliances with the other factions and adventures around the game board, with a bit of assassination.

Being asymmetrical, each faction has their own agendas, abilities, and unique style. Do not let their cute demeanor fool you, this is a game of conquest and combat! Recently awarded game of the year by BoardGameGeek, along with other awards, Root is a complex, beautiful, and intriguing game that has won many fans worldwide. Come by the Eastwood and Hoover Libraries to check it out along with other board games!

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