Wednesday, May 08, 2019

2019 BPL Summer Learning Spotlight: Rollin' Beats Program

                                               Gavin Tucker in  Create205 Learning Lab 

Gavin Tucker of the Central Library’s Create205 Learning Lab is giving young people in Birmingham this summer a chance to learn how to create their own music.

As part of the Birmingham Public Library’s 2019 Summer Learning activities, Tucker is offering a program called “Rollin’ Beats” at nine different BPL locations during June and July. Young patrons will get a sample of audio production Tucker has been offering in the Central Library Teen Lab since last fall.

Rollin’ Beats is an introduction to digital music creation and manipulation. Teens will learn drum sequencing and editing techniques using digital and live samples with professional software such as Pro Tools and MPC Studio. Participants will also learn low-cost and free alternatives they can use to build upon their new skills when they go home. Registration required; 6 people per class.

If you’ve ever heard a song and thought you could do that, this program will show you how right you are. Attendees will get an introduction on the basics of digital editing and drum sequencing. You’ll pick out some samples-a deep kick, a quick high hat, maybe a sample you make with your own voice-add a bass line and take those sounds and create a drum loop called a sequence.

Make several and back them up against each other to form your own song and take that song home with you. Today’s technology enables anyone to jump right in with minimal instruction. If you can hum it or tap it out on a table you can figure out a way to create the sound in your head. If you are a songwriter looking to record your demo and have wondered where to begin you will get a taste of Pro Tools and some pointers on how to get an inexpensive set-up at home.

You may have an interest in recording spoken word for a podcast, a family time capsule, a recorded journal, or a play. If so, the same techniques apply and the introduction you get in this program can be followed up on by signing up for additional instruction that we currently offer two Saturdays a month at the Central Library.

The all-ages, 2-hour program will be offered on Mondays and Wednesdays 2:00 -4:00 p.m. for five weeks in June and July and is limited to six spots per session. Call each library number below to register.

2019 Rollin’ Beats schedule:
June 10 Woodlawn 205-595-2001
June 12 East Lake 205-836-3341
June 17 Smithfield 205-324-8428
June 19 West End 205-226-4089
June 24 North Birmingham 205-226-4025
June 26 Five Points West 205-226-4013
July 8 Southside 205-933-7776
July 10 Avondale 205-226-4000
July 15 North Avondale 205-592-2082

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mark said...

I had no idea that Gavin was doing this! He's always so patient and helpful at the library; no doubt he'd be a great instructor on what sounds like a fun and fascinating project. Very cool!

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