Grow Your Art Skills With The CreateHubs Storytelling Content Library

There a collage of seven different photos. In the center is a long rectangular photo of six artists of color sitting in chairs in a line, talking with each other. There is a light tan background behind them. The other six photos making up the collage are close ups of the six presenters sitting together.

The Birmingham CreateHubs Storytelling Conference was a virtual conference that occurred in July 2022, and we are excited to share this exclusive content with our patrons. 

The goal of this conference was to bring together non-profit organizations, youth clubs, businesses, families, educators, and more to support the countless number of creative minds that exist without our communities and cultures.

Creators came together to collaborate, share ideas, learn, and build together, setting the stage to continue the work being done in making sure historically underserved and marginalized communities not only have equal opportunities, but a chance to be exceptional without the continuous racial, socioeconomic, and geographical barriers that still impede generations of dreamers.

The logo for CreateHubs. It is the word "CreateHubs" in all capitals, big blue lettering. The C is designed to look like an arrow pointing with a color wheel in the middle of the C.

This conference has been recorded and the videos are available to view for free. Below is a breakdown of the classes and a link to access the recordings: 

Drawing + Coloring 

CreateHubs Collaborative Storytelling Session with Ray-Anthony Height & Tony Washington


CreateHubs Illustrative Storytelling Beginner Session with Ray-Anthony Height

Join legendary illustrative storyteller Ray-Anthony Height (Marvel's Black Panther, Spider-Man, Midnight Tiger, Drac: Son of Dante) for a live and interactive drawing session as he teaches four Basic Fundamentals of Comic Book Storytelling in two parts:

How to Create the Story:

  • What is Happening?
  • Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How
  • Point of View & Mood

How to Tell the Story using Illustrations 

  • Composition 
  • Pacing & Visual Style 

CreateHubs Illustrative Storytelling Intermediate Session with Ray-Anthony Height

CreateHubs Illustrative Storytelling Advanced Session with Ray-Anthony Height

CreateHubs Birmingham Storytelling Lives Drawing Session with Tony Washington

All you need are drawing tools (blank sheet of paper and a pencil, iPad & Apple Pencil, pen tablet & computer, etc.) and your imagination! 

All skill levels are encouraged to join!


CreateHubs Digital Coloring and Painting Beginner Session with Tony Washington 

CreateHubs Digital Coloring and Painting Intermediate Session with Tony Washington

CreateHubs Digital Coloring and Painting Advanced Session with Tony Washington


A New Soundtrack: Making Music for Movies & TV with Music Executive Virgil Thomas (Endeavor Content)

Join Endeavor Content Music Industry executive Virgil Thomas as he covers the business and creative aspects of making music for film and television!

This will be an hour talk followed by a 15-minute Q&A.

We hope you enjoy the CreateHubs Storytelling Content Library and stay tuned for more content like this (like our new Comic Strip Challenge).

By Heather McWilliams | Librarian Ⅱ, Youth and Teen, and ALS Department