Resouce Spotlight: African-American History Online

African-American History Month begins today.

This is the perfect time to visit our online databases for rock-solid information exploring African American history and culture.

In the tutorial above, viewers are guided in accessing and using African-American History Online. African-American History Online can connect you to over 500 years of the African American experience using primary source documents, images, video, maps, and much more!

A host of other African-American History Month resources can be found on the BPL Subject Resources page for African-American History Month. The guide provides a list of reference books, databases, magazines, newspapers, and websites you can use to find the information you need.

If you have a casual interest, need to help a child with a school report, or want to do scholarly research about African American history and culture, African-American History Online and the BPL Subject Resources page are the places to start.