Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sci-Fi Author Connie Willis Returns with Third Time Travel Novel

BlackoutBlackout is Connie Willis' first book since 2001's Passage, which won the Locus SF Award and was nominated for Hugo, Clarke, and Nebula awards.

Blackout opens in Oxford, England, in 2060. Three scholars prepare to time travel to the time of WWII. They are supposed to observe the nature of life during this time, but when they get caught up in the action of the Dunkirk evacuation and the London Blitz, they are forced from the sidelines into participating in these defining events in history.

Time travel and the possibility of altering the future are subjects that interest Willis. Doomsday Book (1992) and To Say Nothing of the Dog (1998) were her first two books tackling these concepts.

When Willis researches history to help write these books, she says, "You realize that history balances on a knife's edge, over and over again. If things had just gone slightly differently, the whole course of the world would be different, and that's a pretty terrifying thought."

All Clear, part two of Blackout, will be released in October.

Willis has won ten Hugo Awards, seven Nebula Awards, three Locus Awards, and received many more nominations for her body of work.



Laurie Cavanaugh said...

This is exciting news! The first place I've heard of it. I love Connie Willis' books. Thanks for spreading the word, even though I'm in Massachusetts.

Tressa said...

Glad you saw it here first, Laurie. :) I'm definitely going to read her new one and catch up on her other ones.

The only other one I've read is Passage. I love that book. I stayed up reading it into the early morning and then just lay awake, staring at the ceiling and thinking until the sun came up.

It's amazing how many awards she's won.

Thanks for dropping us a comment.

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