Teen Book Review: The Swoop List: Give It Up

Give it Up
#1 Sanaa
The Swoop List Series
Stephanie Perry Moore

When Sanaa wakes up for another day of school, she just can’t seem to shake the feeling that the day is somehow…off. She makes it to school and she finds out exactly where here feelings of dread are coming from. She’s been added to the "swoop list" and everyone in school is pointing and staring at her. What is this list? Where did it come from? And why is Sanaa #1 on the list?

Stephanie Perry Moore is a popular African American writer who writes in the adult, teen, and juvenile fiction genres. She is well known for her captivating fiction series, and The Swoop List is no exception. Over the course of five fast-paced and engaging books, the author takes a look at the cruel side of high school, where rumors take flight and are taken as fact, whether they’re true or not. The series focuses on five girls from different backgrounds and social circles that suddenly have one very devastating thing in common: they are all on the "swoop list" that’s being circulated around school. Over the course of the books, we learn about each individual girl from the other girls' perspective, giving you a well-rounded view of their actions and feelings throughout the ordeal. Are all of the girls as innocent as they appear or are they hiding something?

The Swoop List series is a great read for any teenagers that are looking for a dose of reality in their fiction.

Pamela Jessie
Woodlawn Branch Library