Pumpkin Painting for Fall Holidays

by Teresa Ceravolo, Southside Branch Library

Teens at the Southside Branch Library enjoyed decorating a personal pumpkin for Halloween. They had so much fun, I knew it was time to get in the fall decorating spirit.

The weather is finally getting cooler so it is the perfect time for all crafters to decorate our homes and offices for fall and Halloween. Local craft stores sell the artificial pumpkins perfect for painting or carving. If you need the real thing, purchase pumpkins at the local grocery store or farmer's market. Get the family involved with the decorating, which can be carving, painting, or adding purchased decals. Group the completed pumpkins together on a table inside or outside on the porch. Finally, make pumpkins do double duty by decorating only one side of your pumpkin. After Halloween, turn the pumpkin around and display the plain side through Thanksgiving.