State Senator Linda Coleman-Madison Presents $13,000 in Donations to Five Birmingham Public Libraries

Alabama State Senator Linda Coleman-Madison, District 20, has given $13,000 in community service grants to five Birmingham Public Library locations in her district. Coleman-Madison, ADA compliance administrator for the City of Birmingham, presented the checks to BPL during its Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

Coleman-Madison's checks were as follows:

Coleman-Madison, a former Birmingham City councilwoman, said she was honored to present checks from her Senate Community Service grants to the five public libraries in Birmingham located within Senate District 20.

“We recognize and appreciate the invaluable service provided by public libraries within communities that serve to bridge the gap in learning to supplement public education while offering access to knowledge, job seekers and access to employment for citizens,” Coleman-Madison said. “To the library staff and administrators, thank you for your hard work and dedication to our libraries and those you serve.”

She added, “It is our hope and desire that these funds may assist with needed materials for programs that supplement extended learning in partnership with local schools in the areas they serve. I am happy to present checks to these regional and branch libraries in Senate District 20."