Meet C.L. Threatt at BPL Local Authors Expo Saturday

Author C.L. Threatt has written 18 books. Meet him at BPL's Local Authors Expo on November 2.  
Birmingham's C.L. Threatt is one of the most accomplished self-published authors in Birmingham, with 18 books under his belt.

Threatt will share tips on how to move from an idea to publishing  - and sell/autograph copies of many of his books - as one of 14 authors participating in the 2019 Birmingham Public Library Local Authors Expo, on Saturday, November 2, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 the Five Points West Regional Branch Library.

You can find a listing of Threatt's books on his website.

Threatt's latest three books are:
 * Sylvester the Investor, which was inspired by his fascination with the world of investing and "my wanting to teach it to kids because it's something I didn't learn when I was in school"

 * Up and Adam the Fitness Tandem - Inspired by Threatt seeing the rise in childhood obesity as a health issue nationally and desiring to educate the public about how to solve it.

 * The Bully Proof Vest - This book follows up on another children's book Threatt wrote about bullying several years ago.

"It was inspired my seeing the problem of so many of our children losing confidence in themselves, some even committing suicide because of something someone said either to or about them," he said.

 As a veteran of self-publishing books, Threatt often gives workshops on the dos and don'ts. he also gives workshops at various companies and for nonprofits. You can find more information on his website.

 "My advice to aspiring authors is to always believe in yourself," Threatt said. "Pay attention to trends that are going on in society and notice other books in your chosen genre (look, feel, size, page count, etc.)."

Threatt said author can find illustrators on a website called, or they can draw their own. Printing can be done via Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing site , he said.

Threatt said authors Use as much free marketing as possible through social media sites and "tell everyone about your book. Also, be sure to create your own website."