Thursday, November 07, 2019

Smithfield Branch Book Club Hosts Murder Mystery Program

Smithfield Adult Book Club held a murder mystery program, There Might Be No Christmas at Smithfield Branch Library. 

For the third straight year, the Birmingham Public Library has joined the popular “murder mystery” craze.

The Smithfield Branch Library on Wednesday, November 6, hosted a murder mystery program called “There Might Be No Christmas,” The Smithfield Adult Book Club, which meets monthly at the library,   took a break from reading a book to have fun trying to figure out the mystery killer, said Reba Williams, a library assistant at Smithfield Library.

Nationally, many public libraries are turning to murder mystery programs as a fun, creative way to create memorable experiences for patrons.

The Library Journal did a feature in March 2017 called Cozy Murder Mystery Programs That Pop.

While some use murder mystery games as a guide, others like BPL design and customize their own murder mystery programs. Two years ago in November 2017, the Smithfeld Adult Book Club also hosted a similar murder mystery party event with a Mardi Gras-theme.

In October 2018, the Five Points West Regional Library also hosted a Murder Mystery program with a Mardi Gras theme for its Active Living adult patrons.  To keep up with the many free programs BPL offers in its 19 locations, click on the calendar. 

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