By Jim Baggett | Archives Department, Central Library

It’s time to color Birmingham.

For kids and adults, sitting down with a fresh coloring page and some crayons, pencils, or pens and filling in the blanks with whatever shades you choose is a soothing activity that can make hours of social distancing melt away. Coloring reduces stress and anxiety, improves motor skills, helps you focus, improves sleep, and lets you unleash your inner artistic genius.

So it was only natural that we take historic photos from the Birmingham Public Library Archives and make them into coloring pages. Just print, color, and enjoy.

And because in the Archives we believe that every place has a history that should be honored and preserved, we’ve chosen photos of places that you may know or may not recognize (except Terminal Station—you have to have Terminal Station). But they are all color worthy.

Use the hashtag #ColoringBham to share your coloring creations with us on social media. We can't wait to see how you color Birmingham.

And if we see lots of beautiful colored pictures, then we just might make more.