Stream Monica King Slater's debut single "Cream With Your Coffee" this Friday, Oct 29

The album cover for her debut single "Cream With Your Coffee"

By Cheyenne Trujillo | Library Assistant Ⅲ, Public Relations  

Monica King Slater’s new single, "Cream With Your Coffee," is releasing on all digital platforms this Friday, October 29!

She works as a Library Assistant Ⅲ at the Birmingham Public Library (BPL) and spends her free time performing as a solo vocalist/songstress for Songbird Entertainment.

Monica began singing at an early age as a part of her family's church. Now she uses her voice to minister to herself and others.

Written a few years ago, the recording of "Cream With Your Coffee" came at a time of uncertainty—the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic brought its own horsemen of a pseudo-apocalypse: school closures, surmounting deaths, overwhelmed hospitals, food shortages, businesses closing their doors, employers laying off or indefinitely furloughing workers, and the daily throes of life amidst this.

So, in September 2020, Monica decided to copyright a few songs she wrote in years past, hoping to record them one day.

A mutual friend told her about a young producer named Wisdom Bibbs of Wiz Productions. It was a pleasant surprise that this producer is the son of Monica’s classmate, Pastor John Bibbs.

The rest is history (in the making).

Monica is known as the "Library's Songbird" for a reason.

Monica performs all around Birmingham at various venues, like large auditoriums at The Boutwell Auditorium and The Birmingham Museum of Art to more private spots like The Vault or Wellington's Bistro.

She even hosted a karaoke night at Perfect Note in Hoover.

Aside from being a soloist, Monica also performs with local bands, like The Reflections Band (a band made of BPL employees), Qemistry (pronounced "chemistry"), Overfloe Jazz Band, and Regi Yarbrough of YAC Blues.

Her most significant accolades—so far—are:

And of course, her new single releasing this Friday.

“Cream With Your Coffee” is a song written with coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers in mind. Those who previewed the song commented on the double meanings Monica crafted with thoughtful lyrics and vibrant vocals.

This song is bound to set the mood for whatever you have in mind.

Whether you are on a Sunday afternoon drive, winding down with a glass of wine after a long day, or chilling with a group of friends at your favorite coffee shop, “Cream with Your Coffee” is the song to warm you up.

"...I always do my best to connect with the audience...It is like reading a book. When I'm reading, I immerse myself into the story, and I become the characters in the story and travel to the places they travel to. Reading provides an escape. Music is the same for me. When I'm singing, I'm that person's heartache, their first-time lover, their joy and happiness."

—Monica King Slater

Listen to a preview of her new single now.

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LSMcFarland said…
Monica Slater said…
Thank you LSMcFarland!
Marc Grace said…
Monica, I am so proud of you!
Monica Slater said…
Heyyy Marc Grace!!! Thank you so much!! I miss you.
Unknown said…
Congratulations! The best is yet to come.