Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Back to School

Back to School

The opening song from Grease 2 keeps playing in my head.  Back to school again!  Wow.  I was talking to my coworker over the weekend and I asked her how she felt about going back to school when she was growing up.  She said she never had a problem with it.  I was amazed and impressed.  She asked me how I felt, and with an angst-filled expression on my face as if I was returning, I said, “I hated going back to school.”  I mentioned the Staples commercial showing a dad dancing around as his kids drag behind him expressionless.  As soon as television commercials, print ads, and store banners started announcing back-to-school sales, I would scream, “NOOOOOOO!!!  It’s not even August yet!!” 

It was never school that I dreaded, it was getting up that early in the morning every day.  Not to mention the fact that weekends flew by, and seemed to go by faster as I got older. When I was growing up, my mom’s mantra was always “be glad you don’t have to go to work and pay bills.”  Now that I’m in my 40s, I have an appreciation for her comment, but I still think that going to school is work.  I’m sure that many adults who have returned to school will agree.  For a student, getting up each day, making the trek to school, and putting in the time and effort it takes to succeed carry the same weight as going to a workplace every day.  Students need support and encouragement as they face these challenges on a daily basis.

Many students and parents will pass through our doors during the course of this school year.  The library has many resources available to help you or your student succeed.  In addition to books, DVDs, and databases to assist with courses, we also have materials on academic achievement, study skills, test-taking skills, time management, and coping with stress.  Furthermore, the library offers a wonderful service called Live Homework Help through which provides free tutoring for students in Grades 4 and above in math, science, social studies, and English.  I hope your school year gets off to a great start.

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