College Football is Back

College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy
College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy

It’s so hot outside that it's hard to believe fall is right around the corner.  You know what that means.  FOOTBALL!!!  Yay!!!!!  Last season, Auburn represented the SEC in the BCS National Championship Game, but they were unable to knock off the Florida State Seminoles.  A championship trophy outside the SEC is like a day without sunshine.  It happens from time to time, but we really don’t like it.  It’s time to return the trophy to its rightful conference.  

2006 Florida (41) Ohio State (14)
2007 LSU (38) Ohio State (24)
2008 Florida (24) Oklahoma (14)
2009 Alabama (37) Texas (21)
2010 Auburn (22) Oregon (19)
2011 Alabama (21) LSU (0)           
2012 Alabama (42) Notre Dame (14)
2013 Florida State (34) Auburn (31)
2014 SEC (win) Someone else (lose)

This season, for the first time in history, there will be a playoff to determine the national champion.  Four teams enter, one team leaves. The semifinal games will be played on January 1, 2015 in two different locations.  One semifinal will take place at the Allstate Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, LA.  The other semifinal will be played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.  The winners will meet at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX on January 12th.  After the game, the winning SEC team will hoist the first College Football Playoff National Championship TrophyHopefully, the playoff system will curtail some of the whining from undefeated teams in weaker conferences who have been unable to participate in past championship games.  If your team is that good, prove it in the playoffs!

The college football season kicks off with nearly a full week of games from Wednesday, August 27 through Monday, September 1st.  I’m excited about the season and can’t wait to see who competes in the first College Football Playoff.  Grab your snacks, text your friends, and get the grill ready because college football is back.