You Want to Buy What?!

I dislike having to buy big ticket items like…cars. Whoever invented the term “sticker shock” had to have been looking at cars or houses. I like looking but I don’t like spending the money. When you decide to buy a new or used car, be sure and research before you buy because some things have changed. (Did you know that some new automobiles no longer have a spare tire and a jack as standard equipment?)

I’ve put together some resources to help you avoid sticker shock the next time you decide to purchase a car.

Don't Get Taken Every Time: The Ultimate Guide to Buying or Leasing a Car in the Showroom or on the Internet
First Car Smarts
I Didn't Know That!: How to Take Care of Your Home, Your Car, and Your Career
Lemon-Aid 1990-2015: New and Used Cars and Trucks
Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving (Read the chapter on “Car buying and sharing, and saving on gas.”)
Reader's Digest Penny Pincher's Almanac: 2753 Surprising Ideas for Getting the Most Value Out of Your Money, Home, and Possessions (This is a good resource for all kinds of things, read the chapter “Cheap Car Talk.”)

This is a good website if you are looking for tips and information on purchasing a new or used car. I especially like the section titled “dealer scams.” It could help car buyers stay away from unscrupulous car salesmen and dealers.

Car Talk
This is a great show to listen to on National Public Radio (NPR) and a very informative website. Go to the “Car Info” section and get tips on buying, owning, driving and selling a car. / New Car Buying Guide
This is a wonderful website and takes you from “Choosing a Car” to “How to Maintain Your Car.” This website is a real gem and it’s free. Check out their Used Car Buying Guide, too.

Good hunting and happy driving!

Maya Jones
West End Library