Advent Episcopal School 4th Graders Use BPL to Research Historical Downtown Birmingham Buildings


4th graders from Advent Episcopal School researched historic buildings at Central Library.  

Did you know that librarians from the Birmingham Public Library love helping students research writing projects?

Today, Thursday, February 25, was a prime example as two groups of fourth graders from Advent Episcopal School in downtown Birmingham accompanied their teachers, Phyllis Mabowitz and Rachel Joiner, to the Southern History Department on the first floor of the Central Library's Research Building. 

The students used BPL resources to gather information on historical downtown Birmingham buildings for a research paper. Later on, as part of the school project, the students will go on a walking tour to see some of the buildings they are writing about in person, Mabowitz said.

BPL Librarian Mary Beth Newbill helps a student use microfilm to do research. 

For years, students from elementary age to college have utilized BPL's vast array of books, DVDs and other materials to do research projects. Last year, students from J.B. Pennington High School in Blount County visited the Central Library to research their annual English Department writing project.

The BPL Archives Department annually receives visits from dozens of scholars, book authors and individuals from across the globe who come to research their book projects and research papers.

BPL's Southern History Department also receives calls and visits from people across the nation who use BPL's genealogy resources to research their family tree.

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Advent Teacher Phyllis Mabowitz helps students research historical buildings.