Book Review: How to Live Vegan - Save the Planet and Feel Amazing

By Diana Prince| Circulation Desk, The Central Library

How to Live Vegan - Save the Planet and Feel Amazing by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby is a  very informative book. 

The book’s strengths are telling what it means to be vegan and why you should consider veganism and all that it entails. It also delves deeply into how as a vegan, you can greatly contribute to saving the planet by wearing vegan-friendly clothing and using vegan-friendly make-up, etc. 

This book is for the extreme vegan because it goes beyond food. If you’re looking specifically for information on eating healthy, you may want to make another choice. 

For me the book did not talk enough about recipes and food choices, but it does explain how to plan meals and make wise choices when eating out or ordering in. I really like the book because of the wealth of information about being a vegan. 

This is a great book for those who are new to veganism. 

The book and others like it can be found at the Birmingham Public Library in our Business Science and Technology Department with the call numbers that start with 641.

If you want to check out How to Live Vegan- Save the Planet and Feel Amazing, go to the BPL online catalog and click here