Birmingham Public Library Website Has Links to Vaccine Registration Sites

The Birmingham Public Library has a page on its website on how to find locations in Jefferson County to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Set up by BPL Librarians, the page includes the phone numbers to call for more information on signing up to get the vaccine shots. 

The link is here:

The BPL page also has a photo you can click on to get updated statistics from Jefferson County on COVID-19 cases and deaths in the county, Alabama and the United States. Click here

Below is a listing of Vaccine Registration Sites

Jefferson County Health Department  Jefferson County Vaccine Call Center is also available Mon-Sat 8AM-8PM (205)-858-2221.
Walmart (Sam's Club)

***Alabama Department of Health is available to register for a vaccine in every Alabama county except Jefferson County. To register for a vaccine in Jefferson County, chose the links above.***
***All Vaccine Providers in Alabama administering the vaccine. Includes pharmacies and urgent care sites. Organized by name and county***

BPL's blog also lists trustworthy Websites and social media sites for information on COVID-19

City of Birmingham  
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Alabama Department of Public Health

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Birmingham City Schools
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
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Jefferson County Department of Health
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UAB Hospital
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World Health Organization (WHO)
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Additional Information and Resources

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