Lori Jiles of North Birmingham Library Pens Poem Called “Never Give Up”

"Never Give Up" poem written by Lori Jiles of North Birmingham Library. 


Lori Jiles, a clerk at the North Birmingham Regional Branch Library, has penned a poem that she is sharing in hopes of inspiring others during Black History Month. 

Jiles, who has worked at the North Birmingham Library for 11 years, says her original poem, “Never Give Up,” aims to encourage others discouraged over issues such as the ongoing Covid-9 pandemic.

“I was sitting around one day and I picked up a pen and paper and started writing,” Jiles said. “At the time I just wanted to reach out and help someone, because so many people were talking about giving up. I remember so vividly giving it to my pastor, and he allowed me to stand and read it to the congregation.”

Jiles said she hands out copies of the poem to others who she feels need something to lift their spirits. 

“It really made me feel good knowing I got the opportunity to encourage someone,” she said. “So many people are giving up on life, especially with the pandemic going on. If I can help in some kind of a way, then my living won't be in vain. During Black History Month, knowing all we have been through, people need to know that there is hope in the midst of a storm.” 

Lori Jiles

Jiles has written three other poems about her mother, father and mother-in-law. Maya Angelou is her favorite poet. Angelou’s legendary poem “Still I Rise” inspired her to write her own poetry.

“My advice to anyone who desires to write a poem would be to get in a quiet place and let your imagination roam,” Jiles said. 

Jiles and her husband, Reginald, have four children and four grandchildren. She is a 1982 graduate of Minor High School.

Here are the words to "Never Give Up" by Lori Jiles

When troubles of life comes your way
Bow your head kneel and pray
Ask the Lord for courage and strength
To lead and guide with the love he sent

Trials and tribulations will come our way
They don't have to be perhaps for a day
Please don't give up and throw in the towel
There's better things in life to make worthwhile

When you think you have reached the end of the rope
Don't give up there is always hope
Remember with God in your heart
You would be able to make a brand new start

I encourage you all in a special way
With every word that I say
Never give up and don't give in
Through it all you will surely win


Tyisha Cur said…
Yes this is in my house. It was a gift from my auntie to my mom and it was when I realized my aunt is a poet. So glad she shared it and it inspiring others as she has done in our family.

Love you Auntie Lori ❤️

Tyisha (Shon) in Boston, Mass
Tyisha Cur said…
I hope you can see this Auntie I love that you are sharing this poem with everyone. It’s in my house and will always be.
Thank you for everything you do for our family .
We Love You always ❤️

Tyisha LaShon Curenton
Boston, Mass