Listen Up!

June is National Audiobook Month! This got me thinking about my own audiobook habit. Some might even call it an addiction.

For me, listening to audiobooks began as entertainment on long car trips. Later, it developed into a convenient way to enjoy the latest best seller while dodging traffic on my commute. I was soon hooked.

Today, I find downloadable audiobooks on an MP3 player perfect for otherwise squandered moments like time waiting in a doctor’s office or for doing mindless tasks like yardwork. It allows me to cram in more "reading" than my schedule would otherwise allow.

On average, I seem to fit in one or two audiobooks a week. Okay. It is more like three to five.

Fortunately, the library offers audio books as CDs, downloadable mp3s, and in Playaway format for free.

There are a multitude of audiobooks from which to choose. You can check out audio versions of best selling novels, popular non-fiction books, or even bone up on the classics. Don't forget, children's titles are great to keep the kids entertained and are educational too.

Come to think of it, a good audiobook kind of reminds me of having my mom or dad read to me when I was a child. Maybe that's where it started.


Anonymous said…
An audiobooks makes the time fly while you exercise.