Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: The King of Pop

Michael Jackson Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died yesterday at the age of 50. He was about to make his return to the concert stage on July 8 with 50 sold-out concerts in London scheduled through 2010. He had also been in the studio working on a new album but no date had been set for its release.

Over the next few days, you will be reading everything you want to know about Michael Jackson’s career, life and family, so I am not going to write a biography here. What I will say is that Michael Jackson impacted the world of music in a way that few artists ever have. His fame was truly international and 27 years after its release, Thriller is still the best-selling album in the world. The Eagles hold that honor in the United States, but there are few corners of the globe where people are not familiar with Michael Jackson. His talent was sometimes overshadowed by his personal life, but all of you who are pulling out your CDs, LPs, cassettes, and DVDs know that the music was always more important.

People were calling radio stations last night to talk about their favorite songs and albums. Folks in Birmingham are remembering 1984 when Michael and his brothers came to town to rehearse for their “Victory” tour. Michael’s life and music impacted each one of us in different ways, so as a lifelong fan, I will simply say, "thank you."

The address posted all over the Web to send condolences to the family is 4641 Hayvenhurst Avenue, Encino California 91436. You can also post a condolence on his website,


limo said...

he was the king of the pop.

canopy rentals said...

Very Bad News, We have Lost an Extraordinary Person who rolled his life completely on dance and music. Jackson is No more but god will soon gives a solution.

MTV said...

Michael Jackson, KING of Pop

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