Prepping Your Kindergartener

kindergarten cartoon
There are reading lists for established students to keep them in the learning groove through the summer break, but what about kindergarteners? Are there certain books they should be reading this summer to prepare them for that next big step in life?

Yes there are and The Birmingham Public Library is the place to go for fun and educational resources that will stimulate young minds and give them a head start on the subjects that will be taught in kindergarten. It is suggested that children entering kindergarten be familiar with the alphabet, numbers, colors, and telling time.

These subjects and more can be found online through the JCLC Kids Catalog , a colorful user-friendly catalog that displays fiction and nonfiction juvenile books in easy-to-navigate topic blocks. There is also an Award Winning Books link for parents to peruse to ensure that their children are being exposed to the best juvenile books available.

Read the Books, a database located on the Cyberkid page, is an excellent online source that makes searching for materials for grades P-12 so simple. This database not only includes Topic, Grade, Series, Author, and Early Reader searches, but also includes an interesting TimeGate that displays books from the prehistoric era to the future, and USA Books that features a map of America listing books that take place in each state. All of these books link directly to the catalog.

Kids learn better when the material is entertaining, and BookFLIX is certainly that. BookFLIX is an online literary resource that pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction eBooks that together build a love of reading and learning. The stories are read by celebrities as diverse as Randy Travis, Cyndi Lauper, Jake Gyllenhall, and others.

Don’t forget to give your kid a break from learning to play a few games, located on the Cyberkid page. These games are fun but teach at the same time. Sneaky, sneaky.

Parents, you’re never too old to learn either. There is an abundance of resources available at the library on subjects such as kindergarten curricula, healthy lunchbox meals, establishing good study habits, time management, and much more. And don’t forget the great little prep book, What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know.

Up to this point you’ve done your job and now it’s time to get a little help from the school. So enjoy the summer, visit the library, and remember: They’ll be fine!

Cartoon courtesy of Brian Fairrington, Cagle Cartoons