The Best Rewards Card of All

library cardHave you ever noticed how many rewards cards you have on your keychain or in your purse or wallet? Many retail stores, especially pharmacies and some grocery stores, offer special discounts to card holders and often print the amount of money you saved with the card on your sales receipt.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much you save with your library card? Just think how amazing it is to come in and gather a stack of books to take to the checkout desk. You use your library card to check out your items and then head home. No money is required. Or from the comfort of your home, you go online to the BPL website and request items to be routed to your neighborhood library for you to pick up. Better still, your library card is good for more than just checking out books. You may enjoy other formats such as our audiobooks or DVDs or downloadable audiobooks and eBooks.

It could be that your library card is the best rewards card of all.

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