Patron Self-Registration for E-Card

Did you know you can register for a temporary e-card? E-cards are one-month library cards that allow you to have access to the Jefferson County Library Cooperative (JCLC) electronic resources, which includes databases and e-journals. You can obtain an e-card if you are a resident of Jefferson County and can do so online. However, the card is limited to the virtual library and won’t allow you to check out library materials. You will need a full-use library card which you can get, with proper identification, at any JCLC location. Those who reside outside the Jefferson County area could still get a library card for an annual fee of $50.

Please Donate Today. JCLC "Keep It Alive"Services such as this and the “one county, one card” system is provided by the JCLC. The cooperative includes 22 municipal libraries and the 19 branches of the Birmingham Library System. Help keep JCLC alive by giving your support.