Gardening from Seeds

It’s not too early. If you’ve been studying seed catalogs all winter and have already bought your peat pots, you know what I mean. It’s almost time to start seeds indoors! The Old Farmer's Almanac has some helpful tips in "Starting Seeds Indoors," as does Fine Gardening's "10 Seed-Starting Tips."

Most seeds can be started about six weeks before the last frost date, so you have about a month left to decide which varieties of peppers, tomatoes, and squash you want to start, or maybe you’re more interested in zinnias or cosmos. Whether you choose to plant flowers or vegetables, the library has the books for you. There are books on container gardening, vertical gardening, raising vegetables on your balcony, organic gardening, heirloom seeds, flowers for sun or shade, propagation, pruning, composting, and everything in between.

Start reading now to get a jump start on spring gardening.

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