So Easy a Kid Could Use It

Child using Kids CatalogYouth patron is all smiles as she relies on Kids Catalog to help her find items in the BPL collection.

Kids Catalog, a Web-based library catalog for younger patrons, provides a fun and easy way to search the library's catalog. Users can point and click on images at home, in the classroom, or in the library. The Kids Catalog automatically limits searches to the children's collection and offers alternative search options that aid users in discovering new material.

Other great features of the Kids Catalog include links to Award Winning Books and to Homework Help. The Award Winning Books feature has lists of the John Newberry Medal Books, the Coretta Scott King Book Awards, the Randolph Caldecott Medal Books, and the Alabama Author Awarded Books for Juveniles. These lists include the most current award winners. The Homework Help page links to a variety of resources. All of these resources are easy to access with a Jefferson County Library card.