Friday, October 05, 2012

Children's Book Review: The Prince Who Fell From the Sky

The Prince Who Fell From the Sky

On an Earth where mankind has been wiped out by a nameless catastrophe, only animals remain. The bears, coyotes, rats, dogs, and other woodland creatures are subjects of the Forest, living cheek by jowl among the ruins left behind by the fabled “Old Devils.” But mankind, it appears, hasn’t completely disappeared for good. When a spaceship crash-lands in a meadow, killing all aboard except for a small boy, the lonesome she-bear Casseomae rescues the young’un and treats him as her own cub. Some animals, however, fear the child as a sign that the dreaded Old Devils are due to return and reclaim the Forest. Determined to protect her newly adopted “cub” from hostile parties, Casseomae sets out to find a place where she and her ward can live in safety. A truly creative story that straddles the line between fantasy and science fiction, The Prince Who Fell From the Sky is richly imagined, as well as a delight to read. Recommended for Ages 9-12.

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