Feeling Blue?

We’ve all been there, sometimes you just feel a little “blue.” I’m not here to dispense mental health advice, but here are some websites with articles and/or resources that may help you combat that feeling.

What To Do When You’re Feeling Blue” - A great blog article that gives ideas and tips to combat the “blues.” The author suggests pursuing a hobby, volunteering, and exercising as ways to combat that “blue feeling.”

Ways to Boost Your Mood When You are Feeling Blue” - Is found at www.lifescript.com, a website dedicated to women’s health. This particular article emphasizes the need for exercise and the need to make time for yourself to combat the “blues.”

What To Do When You’re Feeling Blue” - I found this on the Every College Girl website. I especially liked this blog entry because it told what not to do when you’re feeling “blue.”

What To Do When You’re Blue” – I found Deepak Chopra’s article for the Huffington Post to be very insightful and informative.

Hopefully, these articles will help you beat the “blues” this season. Learn more about depression and mental health from materials at the library.

Maya Jones
West End Library