BPL Security Officer Honored by Alabama Governor and AL House of Representatives

Officer Willie Willis, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, BPD Chief A.C. Roper 

The Birmingham Public Library is fortunate to have many excellent security staff members. At the Five Points West Branch, Birmingham Police Officer Willie Willis works several afternoons a week. Recently, Officer Willis performed a heroic act on his job with the Police Department. He saved a woman from jumping to her death.

The Alabama House of Representatives and Governor Bentley recognized Officer Willis at the state capital on April 5, 2012. He was given a special resolution and nominated for the 2012 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement.

The resolution states the following:

“WHEREAS, on October 6, 2011, Officer Willis was flagged down by a citizen who told him that two females were fighting in the street at Arkadelphia Road; when he responded to the location, he noticed that they had made their way to the bridge that overpasses Interstate 20/59; he quickly realized that the encounter was not a fight but that one of the females was threatening to jump off the bridge onto the Interstate below; and

“WHEREAS, Officer Willis approached the female, attempting to calm her down and persuade her to come to him; she refused all requests and stated that she was going to kill herself, and he saw that she was intent on carrying out her threat when she started to climb over the railing; Officer Willis then acted quickly, rushing to her and deploying his "Taser" in order to stop her movement before she could fully position herself over the edge; he was thus able to gain control of the situation, and paramedics were called to transport her to the hospital for treatment; and

“WHEREAS, at a location where others have taken their own lives in the past, Officer Willis' quick and competent actions saved the life of a person intent on doing harm to herself; and

“WHEREAS, Officer Willis is a worthy exemplar of those caring and dedicated men and women who stand ever ready to provide prompt and professional response in times of crisis, and he is highly deserving of this distinguished nomination for the Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement.”

It is precisely because of the competent action and professional demeanor of security staff such as Officer Willis that the Birmingham Public Library is a safe place for our residents and guests to visit.

The library would like to congratulate Officer Willis on his high honor and to commend him and the rest of the BPL security staff on the work they do in our library and our community.


Lorraine Walker said…
Congratulations, Officer Willis
Anonymous said…
That was definitely an awesome act of selflessness.