Book Review: Chomp (Ages 10 and Up)

book coverChomp
Carl Hiassen

Wahoo Cray is a boy who lives on an animal ranch with his dad, an animal wrangler. They have everything from gators to bobcats. Wahoo’s Dad has been out of work due to an iguana incident and the family is behind on bills, so Wahoo (yes even the names are funny) signs his father up for a wrangler job on a reality, survivalist television show. Sounds great except for the star of the show is an imposter who fakes everything, thinks he knows everything, and complains about everything. Wahoo has to keep everything in check which is difficult to do with all the mishaps and misadventures that happen along the way.

Cleverly written, this character driven book contains funny and ridiculous characters that remain interesting and sympathetic. It’s not difficult to find something to love about each and every one, but it’s so easy to dislike the villain.

With never a dull moment, this strange and crazy storyline may not be realistic, but it's still somehow believable. And if you can't find it believable, it doesn't matter, because you will be smiling and laughing any way.

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