Sanspointe Dance Company Presents The Golden Record in a Library Tour

Sanspointe dancers
Sanspointe Dance Company will present The Golden Record at three Birmingham Public Libraries between May 21 and May 29. The locations include the Five Points West Regional Library, Central Library, and the Avondale Regional Library. All performances last approximately 20 minutes. The programs are free and open to the public.

In August 1977, NASA sent into outer space the phonographic recording The Golden Record. The recording contained sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth with hopes of someday communicating with other intelligent life. Sanspointe dance artists Lynn Andrews and Rhea Speights choreographed a dance response to this cultural capsule—a dance which ranges from satirical to earnest—and makes physical humanity's attempt to project ourselves beyond our own time span.

Birmingham Public Library Tour

May 21 @ 6pm
Five Points West Branch
4812 Avenue W
Birmingham, AL 35208

May 22 @ 6pm
Central Branch
2100 Park Place
Birmingham, AL 35203

May 29 @6pm
Avondale Branch
509 40th St. S
Birmingham, Alabama 35222

Sanspointe is a Birmingham-based professional modern dance company founded in 2003. To learn more about Sanspointe visit or call 205-344-0598.