Young Professionals Groups: A Great Tool to Establish a Budding Career

Photo of three young professionals
Young professionals groups—sometimes called junior boards—are gaining popularity in most cities around the country, and Birmingham is no exception. If you consider yourself a young professional (usually defined as between the ages of 20 and 40), joining a group can benefit you by providing networking opportunities, leadership experience to add to your resume, and the good feelings that come from helping a worthy non-profit organization. One of the greatest advantages of being involved in a young professionals group is placing yourself in a position to someday be on an organization’s “senior” board.

Young professionals groups are most often associated with a non-profit organization, and they exist to raise funding, awareness, and support for that organization. Most groups consist of a leadership level that plans social, volunteer, and fundraising events and a membership level that attends regular social and fundraising functions and gives some volunteer hours to the organization. Young professionals groups generally have an annual membership fee, which is tax deductible and helps to support the organization’s activities.

The newly established Birmingham Public Library Young Professionals will be shaping the future of Birmingham’s oldest cultural institution. BPLYP members will be able to enjoy the social events that make YP groups so popular, but can also feel good about giving their time to volunteer for library programs for people of all ages. BPL has been a cornerstone of the Birmingham community and a hallmark of literacy and learning for over 100 years, and the BPLYP will ensure the library’s service to this community for years to come.

BPLYP is accepting nominations and applications for its board until September 30. Visit for information or to submit a nomination or application.